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Garnets, the birthstone for January and the second anniversary stone, actually come in a wide range of colors even a color changing but are most known for the deep red Pyrope Garnet. Garnets have a very long history in jewelry dating back to 3000 BC. With such a long history comes lots of folk lore! Everything from protection from poison to purification from disease has been claimed about these stones but one of my favorite meanings is that they are thought to strengthen friendship. Garnets became very popular in two very different jewelry styles because of their stunning translucence and clarity. 


Hollywood Glamour

During the Hollywood Glamour era in the 1930s jewelry was big and bold but it was also The Great Depression so even the well off learned to scale back. Garnets were the perfect stone because a jeweler could get very large nearly flawless stones for far less than diamonds or other fine gemstones. Here are some wonderful of Hollywood Glamour Garnet jewelry.

      Vintage Garnet Upcycled Pendant

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The second era that Garnets were at their height was the Bohemian era when garnets earthy tones were perfect for the deep rich colors of this style. This era really highlighted garnets, citrine and turquoise and it also brought back the cluster ring utilizing smaller stones to create stunning jewelry. Here are some of our favorite Bohemian style garnet jewelry we have had in the shop.

  Scotch Street Vintage Garnet Bracelet  

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Garnets really are not faked for jewelry and they do not have any type of popular treatment done to them, so there is not much to worry about when buying them vintage or brand new. Just look for that beautiful translucency and clarity. Follow this this link Scotch Street Vintage Garnet Collection to see all of the beautiful garnet jewelry we have to offer.

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