Peridot and Spinel ~ Everything You Need to Know About August's Birthstones

August is one of those special months that has two fully recognized birthstones...Peridot and Spinel. Giving the August Birthday peeps a wide range and color spectrum to fall in love with. The following is all you need to know about these gemstones before you buy and click here August Birthstone Collection, to see all that Scotch Street Vintage has to offer.


Peridots are a lovely light grassy green gemstone that sparkles yellow and it is one of the few gems that only has one color. Their beautiful color lends them to a very bohemian vibe and they are almost always set in in yellow gold, which enhances their yellow sparkle. The following are my favorite peridots in the shop, notice how consistent the color is among all the different stones. It is the only  gem that has such consistency. On the left is a gorgeous 1960s Peridot Cluster Band, in the middle a 1930s Peridot Pendant, and on the right a gorgeous 1960s Past Present Future Three Stone Ring.


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While there is not a good fake/imposter of peridot to watch out for you do need to closely inspect a stone you are interested in. As one of the softer gemstones buyers need to be aware of any stone fractures even if they are just internal because once a peridot's integrity is breached it will most likely completely split. For this reason Peridot should only be cleaned with warm water and a gentle soap never a sonic or steam cleaner. Click on the following to see all the Scotch Street Vintage Peridot Jewelry.


Spinel gemstones have a huge variety of color which led to them being labeled the "great imposter" for a long time. Often people discover that their long loved family heirlooms that they thought were rubies or sapphires are actually spinel. 


The irony of the "imposter" is that it is actually scarcely found anymore, and is almost as valuable as the stones it is impersonating. Luckily, there is a great deal of vintage jewelry with spinels these are a few of our favorites...


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Spinels are a hard stone that can really stand the test of time so caring for them is like most other high quality gemstones. The can withstand sonic and steam cleaning but a good soaking jewelry cleaner is the perfect way to shine them up at home.

So that is the run down on August's Birthstones, Peridot and Spinel but if you have any questions we are always happy to help you can contact us hereYou can find either of these beautiful gems here Scotch Street Vintage Peridot Jewelry or Scotch Street Vintage Spinel Jewelry.

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