2020 Fall Fashion Trends and Getting them with Sustainable Vintage Clothing

Needless to say sitting down this year to write about the fall fashion trends and how to get those looks in sustainable vintage clothing, seemed a little daunting but then my daughters stepped in. When I showed them a group of vintage pieces I was shopping for, for fall they were REALLY interested and had lots of opinions to share. I was stunned how much they had been looking at fashion for fall but they said it was giving them something to look forward to and it was a change. The "it was a change" part stuck with me, we have been living a very "Groundhog Day" kind of life for most of this year and while I love my much more casual (and comfy) wardrobe, the idea of looking in the mirror and thinking wow that looks nice, sounds pretty darn good. 
No doubt this fall is like none other and while the designers fall collections hit the runway in the spring you can definitely see the Covid timeout affecting the fashion world...but I think in a really really good way. The fashion industry has needed a slow down for a while and now everyone has had time to evaluate how they want to do business and how they want to shop. I went into this falls fashion deep dive with all these thoughts in mind. 
For years now fashion has had much wider lanes than it used to and people have very different personal styles unlike in the 50s, 60s and 70s when the trends were very singular. So if your vibe is bohemian no need to change it all up, more about the new directions I see in the bohemian zone and the kind of vintage pieces you can find to bring it all together. People are going to be gravitating to statement pieces that are easy to wear, can be worn several ways, and instantly up an outfit. So if you take any advice out of this article...go get a blazer that fits into your aesthetic, you won't regret it. The following are four style trends that can be mixed together and cover so many peoples styles. 

Between this trend and the next Ralph Lauren is living his very best life! These trends are very much in the polo aesthetic, so if you happen upon some vintage Polo you love go for it because this fall you can't go wrong. Equestrian Chic is a relaxed look with lots of earth tones in variations of plaids, tailored silhouettes, and lots of layers...think english countryside. Here are some of our favorite pieces for this trend.
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Still talking plaid but in much brighter colors. Ivy League Preppy is all about the colorful plaids, stripes, and popped collars, think Clueless or Heathers from the 80s. It is a playful look that pairs well with all kinds of jewelry even bigger bolder things that can give it a corky twist. My favorite accessory for preppy style is a refined little box purse, they really finish the look perfectly. It is so easy to find that perfect plaid blazer in vintage and a good  blazer is worth its weight in gold. Add one to a shirt and jeans and you are instantly dressed up!
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Velvet is huge for this fall and can definitely elevate an outfit from "good" to rock star. It is as easy as  a pair of jeans, tank top, statement velvet blazer, and add lots of sparkly accessories. To get this look it needs a statement piece with sparkle, or hard edges, or a unique fabric. Here are some of our favorites.
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Bohemian for fall is a little more refined, not quite as flowing and big with lots of two tone pieces. If your look is bohemian you have to have a good poncho in your closet and you shouldn't be afraid to throw it on over one of those summer sun dresses. 
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