#1 Question - I want to propose...how do I pick a ring?????

When it comes to vintage engagement rings..."How do I pick THE RING" is a question in my in-box a couple times a week and I can almost hear the panic in the typing. Once I ask a few questions people usually start to realize they have a much better idea than they think they do, they just need nudged in the right direction. I am here to help and always happy to answer questions so if you have any click on the following link to Contact Us but I also wanted to give ring shoppers a good jumping off point because I know finding the perfect engagement ring may start out a little scary but with a little direction you will feel more at ease.

Let's start small from the selection below which ring immediately jumps out to you as the one "your soon to be" would like?

 Now lets talk about what you picked...

Traditional Elegance

If you were drawn to the traditional style of engagement ring the recipient is most likely a classy elegant lady. Traditional rings are always diamonds sometimes solitaires and sometimes with accent stones. They are classic and timeless and we have a lot to choose from, here are some of our favorites or follow this link Traditional Engagement Rings to see all we have to offer.

   Traditional Vintage Engagement Ring   Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring


 Alternative Stone Rings

Alternative stone rings are a very popular option now but this isn't a new thing, alternative stone engagement rings have been around for centuries. Hundreds of years ago diamonds were not the staple for engagement rings and many different stones were commonly used. Then this style surged in the 1980s when Princess Diana had a sapphire ring with a diamond halo as her engagement ring. Many of my clients choose a meaningful birthstone as the center stone which makes this choice very sentimental. Here are some great Alternative Stone Engagement Rings from Scotch Street Vintage.


 Band Style Engagement Ring

Many "brides to be" are opting for one ring to represent their commitment. These band style rings are not simple though, they are often multi stone and large. These bands can be just as dazzling as a traditional engagement ring but they are unique for that girl that wants diamonds, just a little different. Here are the Scotch Street Vintage Band Style Engagement Ring options.



Art Deco Engagement Rings

 Art Deco is always wildly popular for engagement rings. But be aware are you buying a true art deco piece or art deco "style". Jewelry designers now still use the styling from the art deco era, so you need to think about do you want a true art deco era ring, or a ring in art deco style. So if you want a true art deco era ring look for something dating between the early 1910s to the late 1930s with architectural design and impeccable filigree work. Below are some of our favorite Art Deco pieces and find the full collection at Scotch Street Vintage Art Deco Jewelry Collection.



Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

This is a newer trend where what is commonly thought of as a statement ring is used as an engagement ring. These rings are often large and unique with multiple stones and elaborate settings. I have seen this trend grow and grow over the last several years as many have tired of the same old same old and want their ring to really represent them and their personality. Here are the Non-Traditional Engagement Ring ideas froms Scotch Street Vintage.


I hope this breakdown of styles helps you in your journey to find the perfect ring but if you have more questions or need help, that is what we are here for Contact Us. You can also find information on different gemstones at the Scotch Street Vintage Gemstone Guides.

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