New Year New You & Vintage Too!


I am not a huge on fan of New Year's resolutions because it is too much pressure and usually unrealistic goals. I subscribe more to the idea that we should always be bettering ourselves, so I usually make "baby step" goals accomplish and move on. For instance, about a year I go I took a good look at my collection and realized all of it were things I would wear. Ummmm...hello Lori not everyone likes what you like! So I made myself buy two pieces a month that I would not wear, beautiful pieces but totally not my style. I didn't decide to buy only things out of my comfort zone just two a month. This "baby step" goals brought me delightful results. Not only did I really diversify my collection I also gained a whole new insight into what other people liked and were looking for.

Here are some of the beautiful pieces I would never have purchased relying on my own style. Don't be afraid to try something new and different. You can find the above with the following links, Vintage Costume Jewelry, Art Deco Diamond Ring, Vintage Turquoise Jewelry, Vintage Necklaces.


I recently did a Q&A on Facebook with my followers and I wanted to share these because they really fit into the New Year New You theme.

 Q - I love vintage style but when I try it I look like I am dressing up for halloween. How do I do vintage style?

A -  Here is the honest truth...there is a small group of women out there that can pull off head to toe vintage and look stylish and current. To those incredible woman we are envious but if you are not one of those women it does not mean vintage can't be part of your style while not being your style. 

Vintage accessories have the wonderful ability to make a great statement piece to any modern outfit. I would make the following 3 suggestions because you could combine them with almost anything from jeans and tshirt or that little black dress.

 Baby Step One - We paired this modern jeans and flannel weekend look with a vintage leather bag and vintage gold stacking one will know it's vintage!

Baby Step Two - Such a great look for work or a weekend brunch. Pairing a green corduroy dress with this vintage gold dome ring and art deco beaded clutch will make you look like the most fashion forward person in the room...they will know it is vintage and will be stunned how perfect it looks.

Baby Step Three - It's time to go big or stay home! The dress is modern but everything else is vintage! The mohair shrug will be she show stopper of this outfit but the vintage Saks Fifth Avenue copper beaded bag and HUGE Smokey Quartz ring will get a lot of attention too...they will be asking you for vintage styling tips!! 


Q - Does buying vintage really help the environment?

A - Yes it does, anything you are keeping out of the landfill is a win! But, it is more than that, it is also preservation. Vintage and Antique jewelry was often made or designed before mass manufacturing and you can see that craftsmanship! These items also have their own history. Gold bands are often engraved with the most meaningful things and that story can live on with you.

I purchased this ring from an estate sale and I knew it was engraved but it was too dirty to read. When I got it home and cleaned it up this was revealed. You can find the beauty on my is the only thing I have ever kept and I never take it off...but...

...I have a lot of gold bands with secret engravings inside.


I wish you all great fortune in the New Year and lots of luck with you "Baby Steps" forward in your goals and resolutions!

Good Vibes to All,

Lori & Scotch Street Vintage


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