Scotch Street Vintage Fall Fashion Trends - Texture & Patterns

In our last post about 2018 fall color trends I said anything goes and I meant that for every aspect of the season. In this post about textures and patterns you will see nods to the clean and classic 60s, the bohemian 70s, and to the utilitarian and oversized cuts of the 80s.

Texture and patterns are colliding this season creating beautiful patterns in rich textures. I tried to separate this into two different blog posts but they are truly intertwined. So, we are going to jump into this very diverse fall fashion world of textures and patterns all at once and I raided my own closet and our vintage collection to show you how you can make these styles work. Click on the photos for links to individual items.


Oversized Thick Knits

The Look


I found this gorgeous oversized sweater coat while out shopping for the best of fall 2018. This gorgeous plaid sweater makes you want to throw on a pair of boots and go apple picking or to the pumpkin fields. 

Scotch Street Vintage Version


So I went into my own closet and found this awesome chunky cardigan that reminded so much of the plaid sweater coat and I am pairing it with ta vintage leather clutch and a BIG statement garnet ring. The clutch is a 1970s piece made for a Saks Fifth Avenue collection in Spain. The garnet statement ring is huge and stunning and while the rusty red stones look great with browns and creams it definitely stands out. To see more click on the following links Scotch Street Vintage Purses or Scotch Street Vintage Garnet Collection.


Classic and Timeless Statement Pieces

The Looks


The two looks above are perfect examples of classic statement pieces. Pieces you can keep forever because they will always come back around. The key with these pieces is to remember they are the statement keep everything else you pair with them simple. With the pattern blouse on the left the simple black slacks let the blouse be the eye catcher and likewise with the pants on the right. 

Scotch Street Vintage Version


For our classic statement piece I chose one of my very favorite things in my closet glue embroidered coat with a fall pattern of browns and greens. I don't where this coat a lot but whenever I do it is complimented all night long. So as I mentioned above when accessorizing such a statement piece you need to keep it simple so I went with a classic pearl and diamond halo ring and a beautiful mother-of-pearl tiled clutch. To see more click on the following links Scotch Street Vintage Purses or Scotch Street Vintage Pearl Jewelry


Earth Tone Strips

The Look


So stripes were big in fall 2017 as well but they were in bright primary colors and for fall 2018 the stripes are in earth tones. The sweater on the left is the perfect example of using the texture to create the pattern, absolutely beautiful!

Scotch Street Vintage Version


For our earth tone stripes I wanted to really throw in some funky fall flair so I grabbed my daughters earth toned striped shirt and put it under a suede blazer to tone down the stripes a bit. Then I added this incredible Nettie Rothstein burnt orange, glass bead necklace and earring set and a very fall Enid Collins handbag. Now this is kind of the all in version but if it is too much for you just try one of the accessories. 


Leather and Lace

The Look

Oh boy! When my daughters and I saw this black leather half moto half bomber jacket we were all in love. Then we realized the texture on the front panels are actually lace overlays...oh boy, oh boy!!!! It is a very subtle accent with huge impact and it is the perfect mix of tough and delicate. 

Scotch Street Vintage Version


I loved the paring of the leather and lace so I went home and grabbed my leather moto jacket from the closet and a cream lace blouse. I added a vintage Judith Leiber cream quilted leather clutch and an opal cluster ring and...WOW! I would have never have thought to put this combo together without the inspiration I saw on a shopping trip but it will be my girls night out outfit!


Hope we were able to give you some inspiration for this fall! I know I said this week would be about the florals but that is actually going to be in a couple weeks as part of an interview I am working on. Next week we are tackling Denim!

Wondering how vintage can fit into your style?  Send us a note and pic of your favorite outfit here  and we will send you our ideas.

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