2019 Trending - Wedding Jewelry

I have been scouring jewelry stores, bridal blogs and the world wide web too see what is going to be hot in wedding jewelry for 2019. Here are my first five insights into 2019 with many more to come.


1. You Do You

So the biggest trend is...the sky is the limit make your engagement ring / wedding jewelry exactly what you want it to be. I know it sounds..."well of course" but really for decades brides have been held to whatever the big jewelry chains were putting out but now a days between a resurgence of small local jewelers and vintage dealers Brides, to be, have much more to choose from. Here is an eclectic mix of wedding sets and none of them were originally matches!

Click on the above image or following link to see the entire Scotch Street Vintage Wedding Jewelry Collection.


2. Mixed Metals (FINALLY) & Gold is Golden (Again)

For years woman have been held hostage to the metal color of their engagement ring...well those days are over. Okay, a little dramatic but true for a long time if you had a white gold bridal set you wore only white gold jewelry but with the surge of mix metals from last year coming into this year all jewelry gets a fair chance and as you can see in the above mixing metals is not new jewelers 100 years ago were way ahead of us!

Also on the metal front, gold (meaning yellow gold) is king once again. After years of white gold and platinum steeling top billing in wedding jewelry we saw rose gold surge back into the picture and now beautiful yellow gold is staging a comeback. People are once again appreciating the rich beauty of yellow gold and it is about time! 


Click on the images above for more information on each item.


3. East West Settings

I have to tell you, when I am at an auction looking for new vintage treasures the first thing to always catch my attention is an East - West setting. Most likely because you just don't see them that often so it stops you to take a good look and often a buy! Here are some of my favorites.


1. Aquamarine Yellow Gold Ring - 2. Opal Seed Pearl  Engagement Ring (an FYI on this ring-if I could pick one ring in our shop that really represents all the trends of 2019, this would be it!) - 3. Garnet Gold Ring - 4. Purple Sapphire and Gold Ring


4. Alternative Stones

Listen to me now...It does NOT have to be a diamond. I love diamonds, we have tons in the shop but it is not the only option. Over the last 10 years alternative stones have been becoming more and more popular. Aquamarines are the second most popular engagement ring stone but I have also seen a big uptick in Opal and Sapphire rings being used as engagement rings. This is one of my favorite trends because you can really make the ring mean something more sentimental. For instance it could be your birthstone as a promise to be with her forever! Here are my top picks for alternative stone engagement rings.


1. Opal Alternative Engagement Ring - 2. Aquamarine Alternative Engagement Ring - 3. Sapphire Alternative Engagement Ring - 4. Pearl Alternative Engagement Ring - 5. Ruby Alternative Engagement Ring - 6. Blue Topaz Alternative Engagement Ring

5. Wedding Band Takeover 

Several times over the last few months I have had brides looking for wedding bands that are extravagant to pair with their engagement ring that is simple. When I asked them about this choice they all basically said the same thing...they wanted the ring that actually represents their marriage to be the show stopper which I thought was a wonderful sentiment. Here are some pairings I put together for this new trend.


Find your own unique pairing here...Scotch Street Vintage Engagement Rings and Scotch Street Vintage Wedding Bands

So those are my top trending for now but stay tuned for more to come. 

Have a wonderful day - Lori Scotch Street Vintage

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